North Attleboro Park & Recreation Sights of Interest & Activities
The below are locations that the Park & Recreation Department maintains for the community. Please visit these sights as they have so much to offer.

World War II Memorial Pool- The town pool is located next to the Town Hall. Itís a community pool thatís fully staffed with lifeguards and equipped for swimmers of all levels. Swimming lessons are available at the pool but leisurely use is also available. Open during summer months. For directions click here

Community Field and Playground- Located behind Town Hall and Community School. The field area contains a Babe Ruth diamond for baseball and a menís softball field. There is also a football filed equipped with lights. There are many sets of bleachers. The playground has a slide, swings, and a ladder. There is a concession stand as well as a field house. Lastly there is a basketball court.

World War I Park- Located on Elmwood Street. This is the highest point in Bristol County located on Watery Hill. The parks equipped with numerous picnic areas, a ski slope, playground, an open field for sports (used most for lacrosse), a sledding hill, and a petting zoo. The parks open yearly from dawn to dusk.

Juliaís Garden at WW I Park- The park is dedicated in memory of Julia Cekala. It has a wonderful playground, grass areas, benches and much , much more!

LeStage Recreation Area-7 acres situated on High Street including the Codding Skating Rink. The rink is equipped with lights, three benches, and a trail for walking.

Woodcock Historical Cemetery- Located at the intersection of Routes 1 and 1A at the junction of Park Street. This half-acre site has some very oldest headstones in town, and is planted with trees, shrubs, and flowers.

Mason Field- Located adjacently to Falls School on Elm Street. The area includes a Babe Ruth baseball diamond with lights, two little league baseball diamonds, one basketball court, a gazebo, a football field, a covered stage, a concession stand, a playground, many picnic tables, and a batting cage.

Ruth Rhind Recreation Area- Located on Hunts Bridge Road in the south end of town. The area has a Little League baseball diamond, a state of the art playground, bleachers, and a vast open field.
Columbia Field- Located on Whiting Street. Includes lights, a practice football field, and three baseball diamonds.

Harold Burns Memorial Wildlife Arboretum- Located at the end of Mt. Hope Street. This 15-acre site has nature trails and unique bird observing. Itís a great place for nature walks or to walk your dog.
Veterans Park- Located in front of Town Hall. The park has seven benches, planted trees, flowers, and shrubs. There is a gazebo, a WWI memorial, a WWII memorial, and WTC monuments. The park is open sunset to sunrise.

Barrows Park- Located adjacently to the police station. The site is planted with trees, flowers, and shrubs. There are Vietnam and Korean monuments and veterans displayed.

Baptist Common- Located Between Rt. 1 A and Park Street. The area has lots of open grass, a flag post, memorial rock, and statue, a rock dedicated to the 9/11 Philadelphia plane. This is all in front of the Baptist Church.

Spanish American War Memorial- Located on Kelly Boulevard with a flag post near the fire station.

Webster Park- A very small Revolutionary War monument located at the corner of South Washington Street and Rt. 120, with a flag and rock monument.

Simmons Park- Located on Commonwealth Ave. Features the Toner Memorial and the Lyons Flag Pole.