365 Elmwood St.


 North Attleboro, MA 02760 




 The Park is open 7 days a week.


Monday - Friday the Park opens at 7:30 am 


Saturdays -Sundays the park opens at 8:00 am. 


April 1st - October 31 the WWI Park & Zoo will close at 8:00 PM 


November 1st - March 31st the WWI Park & Zoo will close at 4:00 PM.  


CLOSED: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and Inclement Weather





 No outside food for the animals. 


Grain Machines will be made avaliable during the daytime; for $0.25, get a handful of feed for the animals.

 Over the years, we have been getting large amounts of people visiting the park! This makes for some really full animals; with only these grain machines, we can better control what and how much the animals are taking in!  






Zoo Parties 


Inside Facility $150


Facility available from 11AM - 2PM
This includes a hands-on experience with inside and outside animals!
Animal Feed bags $1 each 

 Picnic Site Rental $35/ Julia's Garden Site #15   $50


We will reserve an area with 4 picnic tables and trash barrels.





All bookings are handled through the Park & Recreation office, please call for more information: 508-699-0145








Things to see & do 


There are plenty of things to see and do the next time you come to the Park.  Our staff works hard to maintain the Park and make it an enjoyable place to visit. Bring your family and friends and spend the afternoon or the day.  Remember to bring the camera!


 There are a few playground areas, including the big slide in the popular Julia’s Garden for everyone to enjoy.  You’ll have lots of fun at the large playground across from the fire tower. There is also a small playground for the younger kids right next to the zoo building. The newest spot is the "Beach Area," it has a little board walk and lots of sand castle toys and shovels.


 Pack a lunch and use one of the many picnic areas while you enjoy your lunch- don’t forget to bring dessert!


 Come and see all your animal friends- ducks, peacocks, pheasants, deer, miniature horses, donkeys, llamas, emus, goats, sheep, pigs and more!


 Walk the nature trails in the Park and Arboretum; be sure to look for signs of wildlife.  Within the Park, you may see wild turkeys, fox, wild deer, woodchucks, squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits.  Also, you will find many different types of birds.


 Have a birthday coming up?  Book your birthday party with us.  We offer guided tours of animals inside and outside, Jump-a-Roo rental, & rental of the building and picnic tables.  Call us today to save your date! 508-699-0129. 




Park History 


The WWI Memorial Zoo was started in 1968 with only 2 deer. In 1970, a memorial was dedicated to Pvt. Edward P. Nolan as his efforts were instrumental in the establishment of the WWI Park. We now have grown to much more.


Near the Fire Tower in the playground parking lot is a great lookout point as the park is located 390 feet above sea level and is the highest point in Bristol County.




Zoo Rules


Dogs must be leashed and kept 30 feet back from animals' fences. Please clean up after your dog!


Please help keep our park clean as litter is a chocking hazard to our animals.


Do not stick fingers or arms in the animals' fences as they can bite!


Please watch out for signs indicating animals' dietary needs.


Respect our park and animals and have a fun and safe day! :)


No outside food for the animals - what is offered at the park only.






Fans, tupperware,  laundry detergent,  cleaning solutions,  wash cloths,  towels,  blankets, cat toys or homemade toys,  crates or carriers, dishes, bowls, properly functioning tools (shovels, hammers, rakes), Ferestien's gift cards,  Pet Smart gift card or Stop & Shop Gift Card.






To contact someone at our Zoo, please call (508)-699-0129. 

 Please leave a message as we may be out feeding the animals. We will be sure to get back to you right away.

 You can also e-mail the Zoo Keeper Allison Stanovitch at astanovitch@nattleboro.com





Thank you for visiting the North Attleboro Park & Recreation Website.  Please remember for the most up to date information on a program and whether or not space is avaliable call the Park & Recreation Office at (508)-699-0145.  We will be updating the website as frequently as possible.